The Bryyo Seed is the Leviathan that landed on Bryyo. Normally a Leviathan would corrupt any sentient being on a planet and effectively destroy the planet's order and peace, but this already happened with the Primals' revolt against the Bryyonian Lords of Science. To enter the Seed, Samus must find the Federation Landing Site, equip Ship Missiles for her ship, and destroy the Leviathan's Shield Generators. The second Shield Generator, however, has two large anti-air cannons guarding it. Samus must manually destroy these, and then call her ship to destroy the other shield generator. Samus then flies to the Leviathan, and confronts Mogenar. After defeating Mogenar, Samus obtains the Hyper Ball and uses it to destroy the Phazon Core. However, after completing this task, Samus' internal Phazon Corruption rises to 25%.




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