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The Bryyonians were inhabitants of the planet Bryyo, featured in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Little is known of the Bryyonians. What is known is that at some point throughout Bryyonian history, the race encountered the Chozo civilization, either through their own travels or those of the Chozo. The Chozo warned the Bryyonians that in order to obtain peace, they had to learn to combine the "Old Ways" of magic and the "New Ways" of science and technology. This warning was not heeded. At some point in time, one of the first Lords of Science Sfimas denounced the ways of the Primals in the Royal City, beginning to heat the two side's tensions towards one another.

The conflict between the two Bryyonian factions started in small battles but escalated to massive wars that ravaged the planet. Several different scans indicate that the conflicts occurred more than 300 years prior to Samus' arrival on Bryyo. The war scorched Bryyo's skies and rendered the land polluted and unable of sustaning life. The Primals fought and greatly outnumbered the Lords of Science, so much so that the Lords of Science soon had to go into hiding. One by one, the Primals hunted down and killed the Lords of Science until only The Last Lord of Science remained. This lord of science dedicated the rest of his life to restoring life to Bryyo, which in more ways than one he was successful at doing, and remained concealed for many years by combining the ways of the old and the new, as the Chozo had instructed the race to do years before. In this time, he also found a successor, a young Prophetess who he found in the wasteland and taught. He continued doing this until the Leviathan Seed struck the planet and exposed him to the Primals, who hunted him down and destroyed him.

Over the years, the remainder of the Primals had devolved into savage and war drawn creatures. After the planet had been struck with Phazon Corruption, the creatures only continued to devolve until all that was left of them were the Reptilicus and Reptilicus Hunters. These creatures came to possess several new abilities, such as the ability to teleport, superior strength, and the ability to generate an electric whip. (Whether or not this whip is indeed a magical ability or a scientific advancement is not known.)


"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

The Bryyonian's religious views were intended to be placed in the game, but were scrapped, due to text limitations. Thus, their views are not canon, but they are as follows:

"From the sleeping chaos awoke the high god. It was he, the Antecedent, the propagator of the genesis, and the eternal body in the sky. In the beginning of creation, the life giving sun created its first child, Bryyo. Upon it’s surface it poured a vast ocean in which the beginnings of life could thrive. The high god then laid down to resume his eternal sleep. From his body, the 23 keeper gods sprang forth as the watchers and caretakers of the world. Within the expansive waters, the children of Bryyo were borne. In their primitive forms, they wandered the currents for eons, becoming masters of the deep. The gods watched this burgeoning life from atop their holy island, where the eternal flames burned within the Garden of Light. When the Reptilicus had dominion of the oceans, the gods granted them access into the divine province, to be one as them, and partake of their knowledge. Given new forms to walk upon the land, they dwelt within the garden for a time. After bestowing their wisdom to the mortal sons of Bryyo, the pantheon ascended to live upon the sun. All departed the celestial first son but one god, Thalyys, who remained as the keeper of the Garden of Light and watcher of the mortals. Arkithun crafted for the gods the City of Glass, wherein the vital light of the high god’s form could eternally penetrate. It was after this that he bestowed the knowledge and gift of architecture to the curious reptilicus, to forge for themselves a civilization. The oceans sank, and the land spread out from the divine island in all directions. The great migration occurred, and the kingdoms and cities spread throughout the world. Having long departed their primordial territory, the Garden still remains at apex of the lands highest mountain, abandoned by all but Thalyys, who tends to it eternally."

This piece of text was created by environment artist Matt Manchester, and was designed to be placed in the Bryyo Fire entry hallway. Now, the scans of the statues say they are busts of former emperors of Bryyo, not gods.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


The Bryyonians utilized statuary in a similar way that the Chozo did and may even have adapted the technology from the Chozo. The statues they use are known as golems and have many purposes ranging from combat, to decoration, manual labor, and even ceremonial purposes. These golems can be equipped with many features including mouth mounted flamethrower and iceblowers, energy transfer units similar to the grapple voltage, and extreme strength. The golems range in size from similar to a Chozo statue to the size of a small mountain. Some golems have slots in them big enough for Samus to fit in them while she is in Morph Ball Mode.

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