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C-Pul was a warrior of the Luminoth. He is mentioned in a Luminoth Statue scan in the Sanctuary Fortress. He was given the title of Ingslayer during the war between the Luminoth and the Ing. It is said that C-Pul killed over 700 Ing during the war, which suggests he was an extremely powerful warrior.

It is unspecified if C-Pul died during the Ing's invasion of the Sanctuary Fortress, or at a battle within the enemy's Hive.


"Structural analysis complete. This is a statue of C-Pul, a great hero of Sanctuary. Known as the Ingslayer, C-Pul defeated over 700 Ing in combat before his death in the Battle of the Hive."

Preceded by:
Guardian of Sanctuary Temple
Succeeded by:

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