Canyon Cavern is a room in the Tallon Overworld in Metroid Prime. It is a small cave accessible from the Landing Site, containing foliage around the edges and a patch of sand in the middle, from which a variable number of Beetles erupt on approaching it.

Connecting roomsEdit



"Burrowing insect with a resilient carapace.​ Extremely aggressive. Insect'​s massive mouth enables it to tunnel through solid rock at high speeds.​ Above ground,​ Beetles can cover short distances rapidly.​ They attack anything that moves near their lair."
"Species: Saturnine
Small iridescent mushroom. Typically grows in dank, dark regions."
Tallon fern
"Species: Tallon fern.
Nontoxic variety of psilo tallonensis. Commonly found near water sources."
Guide stem
"Species: Guide stem
Pervasive indigenous species of bioluminescent weed.


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