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The Cargo Hold is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is two rooms away from the Spaceport, where Samus Aran and the 07th Platoon landed. Samus enters this room to investigate the Galactic Federation's presence here and the source of several explosions she'd heard.

Samus races into the room, weaving through several stacked crates before SenseMoving out. She then finds a group of six soldiers, one of whom turns out to be Anthony Higgs, who asks if Samus remembers him. Samus reflects for a brief period of time about him, and his nickname for her, Princess, before Anthony states that her "buddy" is here as well. He means Commander Adam Malkovich, a man Samus was very close to in her early Federation days, before an incident where his brother was killed, that caused her to defect from his command to Bounty Hunting.

Adam asks Samus what she is doing here, the tone of the question being typical of Adam. In return, Samus tells him how she had arrived there, and asks what the Galactic Federation is doing here, although she is not given any information because she is not officially of the Federation, merely a Bounty Hunter. She states that "the word he so obviously chose, outsider-pierced my heart."

Lyle then states that they are ready to detonate another explosive, so the platoon and Samus brace themselves for it, before it detonates. The explosive does nothing, creating a complaint from Lyle. Anthony explains the situation to Samus, before she recognizes the lock as a Red Blast Shield, and without orders from Adam, fires a Missile at it, showing just how advanced her Chozo technology is compared to the Federation's. As Anthony laughs, the platoon moves in, though Adam stays a second to glare at Samus. She then decides, despite Adam not authorizing her to be there, to stay for the sake of the soldiers, although she deactivates Missiles and Bombs until their use is authorized.

Samus cannot return to her gunship after the first encounter. A staircase to her left leads to a hallway that brings her to the Spaceport, although on a high ledge inaccessible unless through a Morph Ball tunnel further on into the Main Sector. As well, the door is locked, so Samus must use the other method. It is strange to note that after her return to the BOTTLE SHIP, the crates are missing.


Missile Tank
When Samus returns, she can jump from the staircase with the Space Jump to a ledge containing a Bomb blockage, which leads to a small crate containing a Missile Tank.


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