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Central Flow Chamber

The Central Flow Chamber is part of the Hydrodynamo Station in the depths of the Torvus Bog. It is a tube in the center of the room that allows Samus to launch herself out of the water if she falls to the bottom of the room. The device can only be used when Samus is in Morph Ball form, and rolls into a ball hologram within it. Samus is launched to the top platform of the tower in the Hydrodynamo Station through a one-way Morph Ball Door. After Samus acquires the Gravity Boost, the Chamber becomes obsolete, although it can still provide a valuable shortcut.

The Undertemple Shaft, the Dark Torvus Bog counterpart of the Hydrodynamo Station, contains no water and features a Safe Zone in the Central Flow Chamber's place.


"Structural analysis complete.
Exit point for Central Flow Chamber. Exit is one way only; unable to access from this area."

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