Phendrana Screenshot HD (24)

The Central tank is a Space Pirate storage mechanism. It is witnessed in the Research Core, the final room of their Glacier One base in the Phendrana Drifts, and is involved in a puzzle.

Samus is alerted to the location of the Pirates' main research facility by her Hint system, and fights her way through Glacier One. Upon entering Research Core, she finds the tank at the bottom of the room. A set of ring-like Force Fields, a cylindrical field and a second set of smaller ring-like fields guard an item inside the tank. These are energized by three circuits on different levels of the room. In order to disable them and access the item, Samus must find Interface Modules on the room's different levels and scan them to deactivate one layer of security. After all force fields have been deactivated, Samus can collect the item inside: the Thermal Visor.

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