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Chairman Keaton (previously Congress Member Keaton) is an official of the Galactic Federation. His rank in the Federation high-command is unknown, but he wields considerably high authority over the Federation Police and is seen giving orders to Chief Hardy. Keaton appears in the Super Metroid comic and the Metroid Manga.

Keaton's unique race is unknown, but he has green skin and strongly resembles the classic depiction of Martians or other extraterrestrial life in science fiction.

Metroid MangaEdit

Chairman Keaton SM comic

Super Metroid comic.

In one scene in the manga, Keaton is seen questioning the Galactic Federation's rise to military power (fearing that they are "no different than Space Pirates"), and later speaks his mind with the Chozo, who share his sympathy. Later in the manga, Congress member Keaton becomes Chairman. During his election ceremony, Mother Brain attempts to assassinate him with an illegal bioweapon called a Mimic. The weapon is hidden in some flowers that Damara brought to him. Samus Aran saves Keaton by destroying the bioweapon with much ease.

Super Metroid comicEdit

Keaton speaks to Samus after the destruction of Ceres Space Colony before he is later kidnapped by Ridley. He hatches an escape plan and flees the exploding Zebes with Samus, Hardy and Houston.

Keaton also appears in the Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide, in artwork that appears to have been reused from the comic.

Metroid: Other MEdit

In Metroid: Other M, Anthony Higgs mentions that his orders to secure survivors were issued by Commander Adam Malkovich and authorized by the Chairman of the Galactic Federation. It is possible that this is Keaton, although his term may have expired by the time of Other M.

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