The dead should serve the living, not hinder them.

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Chozo Ghosts are Chozo spirits driven insane by the corruption of Phazon. They stalk the Chozo Ruins and can be found haunting culturally significant rooms and the Life Grove in Tallon Overworld. The Phazon corruption has also removed their nonviolent inhibitions along with their sanity, causing them to lash out at even Samus Aran, who would otherwise be an ally.

They are difficult to defeat without the X-Ray Visor due to their ability to turn invisible unless attacking. In addition, they are invulnerable to all weapons except Power Beam-derived weaponry. Their charged attacks will leave Samus vulnerable for a short time, as it causes her combat visor to temporarily be disrupted. When charging they are highly vulnerable to Super Missiles.

It is unknown what becomes of them after Metroid Prime is destroyed along with all of the Phazon on Tallon IV, though it is likely that they were freed from their earthly prison and "passed on".

They are located in the following rooms:

Thirteen Chozo Ghosts also appear after the defeat of Meta Ridley, although these ghosts appear to be non-violent and open the gateway to the Impact Crater for Samus. These apparently have been uncorrupted by Phazon, perhaps due to the power of the totems they were inhabiting.

They are also seen in a Diorama in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, though this may not have any canonical significance.

Life grove chozo ghosts crop

Ghosts at Tallon Overworld.

Official dataEdit

Official websiteEdit

"As these entities phase in and out of existence, the only way to track them accurately is with X-ray scanning. Their aggressive and erratic behaviour is most likely due to the corrupting effects of Phazon in the Tallon IV environment. They appear to be drawn to Chozo shrines or temples, where they wreak havoc upon anything that dares to enter the area.

Chozo Ghosts are spectral entities whose partially-phased nature makes them invulnerable to natural energy types, such as fire, ice, and electricity."

Logbook entriesEdit

Chozo Ghost scanpic
Chozo Ghost scanpic 2

Chozo Ghost

Temporary scan

Aberration: Chozo Ghost. Spectral entity. Bioelectric field invulnerable to natural energies.

Logbook entry

As these entities phase in and out of existence, the only way to track them accurately is with x-ray scanning. This partially phased nature makes them invulnerable to natural energy types, such as fire, ice, and electricity. Their aggressive and erratic behavior is most likely due to the corrupting effects of Phazon in the Tallon IV environment. They appear to be drawn to Chozo religious sites, where they wreak havoc upon anything that dares enter the area.

The Turned

Temporary scan

Chozo script translated.

Logbook entry

Many Chozo have gone beyond now, and this is a mercy. Those of us who remain suffer in dimensional flux, drifting helplessly across time and space, guided by unseen and inexorable currents. The Chozo who cling to sanity fight the tide, but our minds are weakening. Soon we will all be like the Turned, Chozo who have been corrupted by the Great Poison. The Turned still hold to their Chozo forms, but their minds are black with fell intentions. Gone is their respect for life. They honor only destruction, and seek to disrupt the Artifacts holding the Great Poison at bay. All life taunts them, and they do not rest. Before long, they will be all that remain of the Chozo here.

Chozo Ghosts

Temporary scan

Log 11.664.2

Logbook entry

There have been numerous incidents involving spectral entities at the Chozo Ruins site. Several personnel have been assaulted by these Chozo Ghosts: few have survived. Survivors speak of swift attacks from nowhere, brief sightings of the enemy, then nothing, only to be followed by another attack. Science Team believes these attacks are responsive to our efforts to recover Chozo relics and Artifacts. Somehow, these entities are able to interact with the physical world, and it appear they wish to keep their Artifacts to themselves. We will make them pay for such arrogance, for even ghosts can be destroyed.


Chozo Ghost gif

Martin L'Heureux animation.

  • The music heard when fighting these ghosts is reused in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption as the Phazon Metroid battle theme. Interestingly, this is also used as the Metroid battle theme in Prime, as well as Elite Pirates.
  • Large Chozo Ghosts briefly appear before Meta Ridley's arrival in Metroid Prime Pinball, and wear stylized attire.
  • The Ruins Test of Metroid: Zero Mission appears to be some type of Chozo Ghost.
  • The Dark Pirate Commandos can also phase out of local timespace; the manner in which they do is identical to the Chozo Ghosts.
  • "Chozo Ghost" is listed in data in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc.
  • Shortly after appearing, Chozo Ghosts are invulnerable to Super Missiles. When Samus fires one at them, it will be deflected, but home in on the ghost until it hits it or an obstacle.
  • Sometimes during a battle, Chozo Ghosts will crouch and claw in the ground, then stand up and wave with both hands, as if they were throwing dust in the air.
  • Whenever Chozo Ghosts are encountered, the room becomes dark, regardless of if it is an outdoor room or indoor room, and becomes slightly hazy.
  • The battle with the first Chozo Ghost is foreshadowed in the previous room via scan that says "The Great Poison corrupts all, including the Chozo."


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