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The Chozo Ice Temple (called the Western Temple by Space Pirates) is a room in the Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime that connects to the Chapel Tunnel. The entrance to the Chapel Tunnel is blocked by a gate. Scanning the four busts of Chozos will reveal the Chozo Shaman. It can be destroyed with a Missile, granting access to a Bomb Slot behind it that activates the gate. A Chozo Artifact can be found here.

A Secret World can be found in the room: [1]

Connecting roomsEdit



Chozo artifact inside statue

Samus approaches the Artifact of Sun inside the statue's base.

Artifact of Sun
Once Samus has the Plasma Beam, she must melt the ice covering the Chozo Statue's hands and sit in them in Morph Ball to activate a tunnel that leads to the Artifact.


"A statue depicting a Chozo balancing the plane of existence on his hands.
"A statue depicting the bust of a Chozo shaman adorns this door.
A symbol is carved into its forehead. The translation reads, 'To pass my gaze, seek my twin within this room.'"
Bust (1)
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo philosopher. This statue is flawless."
Bust (2)
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo warrior. This statue is flawless."
Bust (3)
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo architect. This statue is flawless."
Brinstone Bust (4)
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo shaman. Several stress fractures can be seen running along the surface of this Brinstone object.'"'
Chapel of elders ice

The Chozo Statue.

Statue base
"There appears to be a shell of ice encasing a water basin. The water originated from the statue's mouth."
"The statue's hands seem to be frozen in place."


  • The Space Pirates state that the Chozo Ice Temple is off limits, likely due to problems with the Sheegoths. This is found in a scan in Save Station B: "Western Temple is in phase 2 lockdown. All projects are postponed. Under no circumstances are personnel to attempt access."


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