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Chozo shaman bust

The bust.

Chozo shaman statue

The gate.

A Chozo Shaman is depicted in a statue attached to a gate resembling a fan in the Chozo Ice Temple of Metroid Prime. It blocks the path to the Chapel of the Elders, and is etched with instructions on how to open it. Samus must find a Shaman bust made of Brinstone nearby, destroy it, and use the Bomb Slot behind it to lift the gate.

As traditional shamanism purports an interaction with the spirit world, the Chozo shaman would have been involved in essence transference process on Tallon IV and the origin of the Chozo Ghosts.


"A statue depicting the bust of a Chozo shaman adorns this door. A symbol is carved into its forehead. The translation reads, 'To pass my gaze, seek my twin within this room.'"
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo shaman. Several stress fractures can be seen running along the surface of this Brinstone object."

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