"Chozo script translated."

This article's name is an unofficial translation from official Japanese media and may not represent the canonical English name, if one exists.
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The concept art that names this. English translation.

Chozo marks are present in several forms on Samus Aran's Zero Suit.

All light pink outlined with dark, these symbols play a role in the activation of the Power Suit. Four rectangular lights exist on the back, surrounding a middle circular one, and flash when the Power Suit is to be summoned. Next, a symbol on the back of Samus' left hand (the counterpart of the green orb on the back of her Power Suit) flashes while her arms cross her chest and she bows her head, before she looks up and unleashes a blast from a symbol on her left breast.

The symbol on the back of Samus' hand resembles a circle with two points protruding from the top and bottom, four rectangular lines circling it, and a zig-zag pattern on the circle. The breast sigil features a triangle pointing diagonally right down, with lines running below it, and another triangle pointing to the left.




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