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Chris has great talent as an artists and is one of the most industrious people I know. As a game designer he is meticulous and creative, the job he did with the multiplayer Metroid Hunters DS game speaks for itself. I would work with Chris anytime, he's one of the good ones!

Michael Harrington on LinkedIn

Chris J. Donovan is a video game environment artist. Donovan worked for Nintendo Software Technology from 2002-2006 and served as the lead environment artist and lead multiplayer designer for Metroid Prime Hunters. Donovan also worked on 1080° Snowboarding. Before joining NST, Donovan worked at various studios and developed Demolition Man, Ballz, Uprising X, Army Men: Air Attack and its sequel and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. After leaving NST in 2006, he worked at Sandblast Games, Airtight Games, Zipper Interactive and Ubisoft Montréal on Destroy All Humans 3, Dark Void, Unit 13, SOCOM 4, M.A.G and Far Cry 4. He is currently a level artist at Digital Extremes in London, Ontario, Canada, working on the massively multiplayer online shooter game Warframe.

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