! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

Chykka was a massive dragonfly-like creature that lived in the Dark Torvus Bog on Dark Aether.

The Chykka was born as a larval form, which cocooned itself to turn into the Chykka Adult. If the Chykka Adult is exposed to the poisonous water of Dark Aether, it will transform into the Dark Chykka, which can hatch mutated Chyklings, miniature adults who have skipped the larval stage entirely. This creature is fought in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as the Guardian of Dark Torvus Temple. Defeating it earns Samus the Dark Visor.


Prime Trilogy Promotional Chykka Dark Torvus Temple

Samus battles the Chykka's Adult form in Dark Torvus Temple.

In Samus's battle with Chykka, she must first free the Chykka Cocoon from a wall, which then hatches into the Chykka Larva. The Larva will swim around Samus' platform, disturbing Dark Shredders whom Samus can destroy (and are mainly there to distract Samus as Chykka dives, though they serve as a reliable supply for Energy and Ammo). Chykka will eventually dive down, then burst up, crash back into the water, and send shockwaves at Samus. If Chykka's shockwaves hit Samus, she will be pushed into the poisonous water. The Larva will sometimes leap onto Samus' platform, and ensnare her with its tongue. Samus must dodge the tongue and damage the Larva with Beam weapons, as only those will work. If Samus hits the Larva's mouth two or three times with charged shots, the Chykka will be momentarily stunned - and she can take this opportunity to lock on to the lower weak point and fire a Super Missile to inflict massive damage.

Mprime2 23

The Chykka in its adult form

Once Chykka is hurt enough, it will collapse and the water will drain to a lower level. Chykka will then quickly metamorphose into the adult Chykka as a result of exposure to the Dark Water. The platform then splits into three pieces, each with a Light Crystal and Grapple Points in-between. Now airborne, the Chykka possesses great agility and flits from side to side, making it a more difficult target to hit than its size would suggest. The Chykka can collect and shoot streams of Dark Water at Samus. Samus must stun Chykka with Beam weapons (Dark Beam being most effective), grapple behind it, and damage the four weak spots on its back with missiles. Seeker Missiles will also work. A Super Missile will destroy one weak point in one hit.

Once all of Chykka's wings are damaged, it will fall into the water, sending a shockwave at Samus the same way its larval form did. It will then fill its abdomen with the toxic water and becomes Dark Chykka. It will blast Chyklings at Samus, and Samus must damage its abdomen; as a dark creature, charged Light Beam shots are most effective. After some time the Chykka reverts to its normal form, and Samus must repeat the process. Upon defeat, the Chykka sinks to the bottom of the pool and the water drains to reveal the Dark Visor. The door to Dark Torvus Temple will open, and Samus can transfer the energy back to Torvus Bog on Aether.

After the Chykka is defeated, Samus can scan its corpse on the bottom of the upper part of the temple, which assures her that this time the creature is gone for good. The scan is as follows:

"Bioscan complete. Target Chykka has been terminated. Lifesigns are at flatline. No regenerative ability in effect. No evidence of symbiotic corpse possession. Resurrection does not appear likely."

Logbook entriesEdit

Chykka Larva

Temporary scan

Morphology: Chykka Larva
Infant insectoid Guardian.
Vulnerable area detected; target has a soft underbelly. Adjusting lock-on point to take advantage of this.

Logbook entry

Scans indicate that this bioform is an infant, but aging rapidly. The creature can ensnare targets with its tongue, drawing them into its mouth. It then covers its prey with acidic globs of biomatter to break it down for digestion. This is an exceptional bioform with both a dark and light nature.


Temporary scan

Morphology: Chykka
Flying insectoid Guardian.
This light creature can be stunned, especially by dark energy. While stunned, look for weak spots to target.

Logbook entry

The Chykka has rapidly aged to its adult form. It will attack by firing high-powered bursts of dark water at rapid speed. If frustrated, it will attempt to dive and ram you. Most of the Chykka’s body is vulnerable to weapons fire, but scans indicate that such fire will only stun it. When stunned, however, four weak spots will appear. These spots are vulnerable to attack: target them to damage the enemy.

Dark Chykka

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark Chykka
Dark energy-charged flying guardian.
Target is charged with dark energy. Most of its body is immune to damage, save for the lower eggsac. Avoid attacks by target's offspring swarms.

Logbook entry

The Chykka has recovered, and energized its body with dark energy. This energy has rendered most of the creature immune to attack, including its wings. Tactical scans indicate that its eggsac is vulnerable, however. Target it to damage the creature.

Beta contentEdit

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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A comparison of the demo and final models, with the demo model on the left, and the final model on the right.

Chykka's fight changed significantly during development, as evidenced by data present in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc. The Chykka larva had a different model and scan data, possessing jets on its belly that it would use to attack Samus with sprays of water, as well as a tongue that was constantly outside of its mouth. Additionally, the developing wings present on the final model were absent in the beta.

Chykka Larva

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc

Temporary scan

Morphology: Chykka Larva
Infant Insectoid Guardian. High pressure water jets used for primary attack are also a weak spot. Target them to defeat this enemy.

Logbook entry

Scans indicate that this bioform is an infant, but aging rapidly. Its primary attack comes from powerful water jets on its belly. The creature can also ensnare targets with its tongue, drawing them into its hungry mouth. Finally, it can fire exploding globs of biomatter at its prey. The water jets appear to be the only vulnerable spots on its body; target them to defeat this enemy.

There was also an additional form in the battle called Chykka Swimmer (or Chykka 3) which occurred after Chykka's metamorphosis into its adult form. It has an unused scan entry, but has no proper model associated with it- instead, the Artifact of Chozo is used as a placeholder.

Chykka Swimmer

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc

Temporary scan

Morphology: Chykka Swimmer
Swimming Insectoid Guardian. Target has entered a state of frenzy. Evasive action recommended.

Logbook entry

The Chykka has been temporarily disabled by your attacks. Evasive action recommended.
Target has become enraged and entered a state of frenzy. Collision-based attacks are likely.

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  • This is the music heard when battling the larval form of the Chykka: [1].
  • This is the music heard when battling the adult form of the Chykka: [2].


Chykka larva

Larva concept art

Chykka adult

Adult concept art

  • If Samus destroys Chykka's cocoon while in the Dark Water, a glitch will occur wherein Samus' jump becomes much higher, and she falls much more slowly. Among speedrunners, this is referred to as the "floaty jump". However, the glitch is canceled when Samus leaves Torvus (travelling between Light or Dark worlds makes no difference) or if she steps in the water again. This glitch has been fixed in the Wii versions.
  • The Chykka is the only guardian whose nature is not foreshadowed in any way by something in the Light version of its realm; it is also the only Guardian to leave behind a corpse.
  • The Adult Chykka's theme resembles the "minor boss" theme from Super Mario 64: [3]. Gandrayda's theme in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a remix of the Chykka theme, using the same beat.
  • The Chykka Larva resembles the Chestburster from the Alien film series, which heavily inspired the Metroid series. Additionally, the cocoon that the Larva encases itself in after its first battle is unmistakably Giger-esque in appearance.
  • The Chykka is called Anophelia in the Italian version of Echoes.
  • The roars of the Larva form are recycled sound effects from the death of the Metroid Prime.
  • The Chykka Larva is similar to the Korakk Beast, in that both have double K's in their name, neither have visible eyes and both fire their tongues to pull Samus towards their mouths.
  • The Chykka Larva resembles a silverfish. Interestingly, silverfish are also called "fishmoths".
  • The Chykka Larva emerges from a cocoon, this is the opposite metamorphosis as it happens with insects on earth, where the larva turns into a cocoon (although another cocoon appears after the Dark Water level lowers, which the Chykka's adult form quickly emerges from - the first "cocoon" may in fact have been an "egg").
  • The battle with the dragon Perkele in Avalon Code is similar to the fight with the Chykka Larva.
    • The battle with Gyorg in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is somewhat different to the battle in the original version of the game; it features different movement patterns and attacks greatly similar to that of the Chykka Larva.
  • The Chykka is the only "non-final" boss in the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy that has separate health bars for each stage of the fight.
  • The Sawken boss fight in Metroid Prime: Federation Force is fought in a very similar manner to the Chykka Larva.