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An unused Space Pirate Data entry in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption centers around the construction of a Citadel on Phaaze. The entry suggests that this would have been a base of operations for the Space Pirates on Phaaze (in the final game, no Pirates are seen on the planet, although they guard it from the Federation Fleet in its orbit) and a place of worship for their deified leader, Dark Samus. The Citadel, according to the entry, was built in a matter of weeks. In the released game, the chamber where Samus battles both Dark Samus and the AU 313 is the only unnatural location on Phaaze, featuring steel floors, panels and a hatch on the center where the organic supercomputer's spine column protrudes from. This chamber, called the Sanctum, was likely to have been constructed by Space Pirates, and it is potentially, or was intended to be, a section of the Citadel mentioned in the unused scan.



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Space Pirate data decoded.
Entry: (Citadel)
Data moved to Logbook for review.

Logbook entry

Our great leader has prepared her new home for our arrival. We learned that Phaaze is alive, and that, like us, it is subject to her will. So we are spared from the malicious beasts and Metroids, who wander the surface of Phaaze. Oh yes, for that we are truly grateful!

There was much work to do. At her behest, we began to build a proper citadel on Phaaze. Thanks to our newfound strength, we could do in weeks what would have otherwise required years. If our enemies should find us, they will find us ready within our citadel.

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  • The unused Space Pirate Data insinuates that the Metroid population on Phaaze is native to the planet, which is inconsistent with official Metroid media that state SR388 to be the only homeworld of the species.