Command Lift B is an elevator located on the G.F.S. Olympus. Like Command Lift A, this elevator serves to provide transport to the Command Bridge. This elevator is also connected to the Gunnery Station, and possibly is used to transport troops to man the cannons in the room, as well as allow easy access to the Command Bridge from MedLab Delta. This lift can be activated using Hand Scanners, and Samus uses this to go to the Command Bridge after waking up from her month-long "sleep" and obtaining the PED Suit. Although this elevator is connected to Lift Access, it can never be used during the first visit aboard the Olympus due to a Blast Shield blocking access.

Connecting roomsEdit


Hand Scanner
"Device: Hand Scanner. Terminal is online and ready to receive input."
"Lift system is inactive. Unable to use elevator in its current state."
"Primary lift system online. Access to elevator granted. Enter hologram to start elevator."

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