The computer voice (as named in Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide) is a pre-recorded female voice heard throughout Metroid Fusion, broadcasting updates on the condition of the BSL station. The voice actress is not credited. The computer plays a similar role to the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer.


Emergency in Sector 3.

—After Samus prepares to leave Sector 5.

(number)* minutes to Main Boiler explosion.

—When Samus races to the Main Boiler Control room.

Warning: No entry without authorization.

—When Samus discovers the entrance to the Restricted Zone.

Unauthorized entry.

—Unused (presumably when Samus entered the Restricted Zone).

Fire alert. This sector will soon be locked down.

—When Samus finds the SA-X.

(number)** seconds to isolation lockdown.

—When the ceiling crumbles.

Propulsion sequence activated. Destination: planet SR388.

—When the Countdown is set.

* Any number up to six.

** Any number up to sixty.


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