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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from a guide or the game's internal data.

The computer voice (as named in Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide) is a pre-recorded female voice heard throughout Metroid Fusion, broadcasting updates on the condition of the BSL station. The voice actress is not credited. The computer plays a similar role to the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer.


Emergency in Sector 3.

—After Samus prepares to leave Sector 5.

[Number]* minutes to Main Boiler explosion.

—When Samus races to the Main Boiler Control room.

Warning: No entry without authorization.

—When Samus discovers the entrance to the Restricted Zone.

Unauthorized entry.

—Unused (presumably when Samus entered the Restricted Zone).[1]

Fire alert. This sector will soon be locked down.

—When Samus finds the SA-X.

[Number]** seconds to isolation lockdown.

—When the ceiling crumbles.

Propulsion sequence activated. Destination: planet SR388.

—When the Countdown is set.

[Number]*** minutes to destination.

—When Samus is racing to the hangar, and later while fighting the Omega Metroid

* Any number up to six.

** Any number up to sixty.

*** Any number up to two. Also, dummied data indicated that the countdown was originally going to be ten minutes instead of three minutes.[1]