Conduit C is a room on planet Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room contains various twisting hallways that eventually lead to Cargo Dock C. Samus moves through this room with the objective of reactivating Generator C. There are various enemies and Galactic Federation Crates, both large and small, in this room. Enemies in this room include "Jolly Roger" Drones, Crawlmines, and Jumpmines. Samus must defeat these enemies to move through the room. Samus must then use a Morph Ball tunnel to move to the lower part of this room, which leads to Cargo Dock C. When Samus comes back to this room after reactivating Generator C, a Pirate Militia can be seen shattering a glass barrier, then it will notice Samus and attack her. After the pirate invasion is over, if Samus comes back to this room, all she will find is a Federation Marine that tells her that "This area is off limits due to repairs". The Federation Marine will stay here for the rest of the game.

Connecting roomsEdit



Power conduit
"System analysis complete. Power conduit is currently inactive. Start generator to energize conduit."
Power conduit (energized)
"System analysis complete. Power conduit is fully energized. Flow from generator is at 100%."

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