Control Tower Norion

Gandrayda fights Dark Samus.

The Control Tower on Norion is a building equipped with targeting equipment for aiming the planet's Defense Cannon. The tower's entrance is protected by a powered door crafted out of Jovian steel. The door must have power from Generators A, B and C to open. Samus Aran, Ghor, Rundas and Gandrayda run to the Control Tower after Samus and Rundas have activated the generators, and prepare to fire the Defense Cannon when Dark Samus appears, crashing through the window and shooting down all the hunters but Samus. They quickly recover before Dark Samus blasts all of them with Phazon, corrupting their bodies before leaving, seemingly having defeated them. However, Samus excessively forces herself to activate the Defense Cannon, saving the planet from the approaching Leviathan. She then falls into a coma for one month, while the other hunters are only comatose for a few weeks.

For the remainder of the game, the Control Tower is not accessible, due to repairs.

The room itself is relatively unremarkable, there is a large window (destroyed by Dark Samus) overlooking the base, as well as several computer terminals on top of the one connected to the Defense Cannon.

Connecting roomsEdit


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