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Conveyers are conveyer belts on the Wrecked Ship in Super Metroid. They are part of the ship's movement systems and do not run unless power is being supplied to the ship. When Samus first enters the Wrecked Ship, Phantoon and the Coverns are siphoning the ship's energy for themselves. After Samus destroys Phantoon, the ship's power comes back on and everything, including the conveyers, begin to work again.

Conveyers are commonly lined with hazards, such as spikes or overhead Kzan traps. One set of conveyers is submerged in water and surrounded by spikes and Kzans, which can be dangerous for Samus if she does not have the Gravity Suit. Conveyers can be moving forward or backward and thus hindering or helping Samus's movement, and are mostly present in areas where there are expansions to be collected. Depending on the circumstances, Samus may be able to collect some of those items before restoring power, when they are easier to access.