Core Access (Pirate Homeworld Seed)

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Core Access is an organic chamber inside the Pirate Seed of the Space Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Leviathan Organism 3

Organism in Core Access.

The room is fairly narrow and cylindrical, and similar to a vein. Overall, it forms the shape of an imperfect "s". The cylindrical part of the room is enclosed, although it contains transparent sections where the outside of the chamber can be seen. This area contains heaving muscle-like tissue. The room is a Phazon utopia, with many bulbus growths, and areas where the glowing Phazon taint has forced itself through the tissue lining of the walls. The room notably contains two Tentacles which bar access to the Core Chamber. The only way these semi-sentient growths can be removed is by the use of a high-frequency Beam and a X-Ray vision system, which will be able to target and penetrate the creature's Phazite plating.

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