Corridor Four (as named in Nintendo Fun Club News) is a room in Brinstar in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


Like with the rest of Brinstar, the room features a mixture of rocky territory and mechanical structures suspended over Acid. This environment is blue except for a small section in the middle of the hallway, which is yellow and houses an Energy Tank. Corridor Four leads to a shaft, which has a Door higher up leading Samus to the Bombs.

In the remake, Metroid: Zero Mission, the room is more developed. The Zoomers and Wavers that previously inhabited the room are gone, and replaced with Skrees. There are now walls of Fake Blocks that must be shot to destroy them. If Samus has not killed the King Worm yet, it will confront her again at the entrance to the room.

Corridor Four Metroid
Corridor Four Zero Mission



Metroid: Zero MissionEdit


Energy Tank
In both games, lying on a pedestal in midair.
Missile Tank
Zero Mission only, hidden at the base of a wall of Fake Blocks.
Charge Beam
Zero Mission only, and only if the King Worm has not been defeated. Killing the King Worm rewards Samus with the Charge Beam, which floats in midair.

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