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Coverns[1] (or Koben[2]) are clusters of souls from bioforms that were on board the Wrecked Ship before it crashed, and have become evil spirits. They are infinite in numbers and will not stop spawning until Phantoon is defeated.

Their body only consists of ethereal skulls. These ghosts continuously materialize into the physical world and dissipate after a few seconds. Their attack solely consists of suddenly appearing in the exact spot Samus Aran once stood mere moments ago, causing damage if they successfully make contact with her. Connecting to the physical world consequently leaves them vulnerable to Samus' weapons.

Once she has defeated the large ghost-like entity of the Wrecked Ship, Phantoon, and subsequently returns the flow of energy to the ship, Coverns vanish. It is unknown if they were forced into servitude under Phantoon or became corrupt from its malevolent presence and could finally move on with its destruction. It is possible that the return of the ship's light destroyed them or simply scared them all away.


  • The Coverns' overall appearance greatly resemble the structures on top of Draygon's head.
  • Due to the fact that Phantoon is an important member of the Space Pirate legions and is seemingly leading/controlling the Coverns, these lesser ghosts can be considered to be under the servitude of the Pirates.
  • Interestingly, while another form of ghost, the Chozo Ghosts, can only be harmed by the Power Beam, Coverns can be affected by a wider range of weaponry, even the chilling effects of the Ice beam.


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