Samus running up the Crater Interior.

Crater Interior is a room in the Pyrosphere in Metroid: Other M. This room is the source of the volcano Samus saw earlier. When Samus enters the room, the Lava will begin to rise. Samus must run through the room and reach the top. The fact that she does not have her Varia Feature coupled with the lava make the journey very difficult.

Samus is authorized to use the Varia Feature at the top of the room, where she fights Goyagma. Several Novas inhabit the room during the chase and act as a minor obstacle. Dessgeegas will inhabit the room on all subsequent visits.


  • While Samus races up the Crater Interior, if she falls into the lava, the Goyagma will immediately grab her and pull her into the lava, resulting an instant Game Over. The Goyagma will also attempt to grab her twice during the run.

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