Crater Tunnel B is a room in Metroid Prime, in the Impact Crater.

This room mainly consists of a maze of "natural" Phazon variant Spider Ball Tracks, hanging over a layer of Red Phazon. It is entirely possible to simply run across the Phazon and Space Jump onto the ledge on the far side, rather than using the labyrinthine Spider Ball Track, although this will cause high damage to Samus' Power Suit, and is not recommended due to the fact that the Metroid Prime itself is in the beyond room. It is the only room to contain a set of Spider Ball Tracks of this version. They appear to be more organic than other models, whether they were grown as part of the room or placed there is unknown.

Connecting roomsEdit


  • This room has an unused layer in the game's files, labelled "Don't load", that contains the only usage of the Phazon Burrower.


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