These are the items that appeared in Crateria throughout its various appearances.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Major ItemsEdit

Unknown Item 1/Plasma BeamEdit

From the elevator leading back down to Norfair, Samus must continue right and make her way through a large water-filled cavern. After entering the Chozo Ruins areas on Crateria, Samus will find several narrow tunnels through which she will reach a small room and find the initially unusable item.

Power GripEdit

Back in the Chozo Ruins area, the door on the upper left leads to a massive shaft with a floor consisting of Pit Blocks. Samus will fall through and find a weak section of wall, through which she will find the Power Grip. A large Chozo Statue with ledges will rise to allow Samus to escape.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

This Tank can be obtained with or without the Gravity Suit. In the large water cavern, the Missile Tank is in the bottom-left corner underwater. Samus will need to shoot through to get it.

Missile Tank 2Edit

In the same room as the first Unknown Item, after Samus has obtained the upgrade she must destroy the Plasma Beam block closest to the door, which will expose the Tank. She can then shoot part of the wall to escape the water.

Missile Tank 3Edit

Back in the Chozo Ruins, Samus will find a Yellow Blast Shield that she must destroy. This will lead to a long corridor connecting to Chozodia. She must build up a Shinespark in this hallway, and then jump to the ledge below the outside door. From here, she must Ballspark to reach the Tank.

Super Missile TankEdit

Samus must again build up a Shinespark in the corridor, and return to the open area outside. Once she emerges, she must save her Shinespark and Space Jump to the ledge above. To keep Shinespark energy, she will have to charge at the slope on the ledge. Samus will continue running and destroy the wall blocking the Tank.

Power Bomb TankEdit

Using the Morph Ball launcher at the starting point in Brinstar, Samus will blast up to Crateria. Reaching the Landing Site, Samus will need to build up a Shinespark running to the right from the door she entered. Jumping to a small edifice on the right, Samus must Ballspark diagonally to the left upwards, where she will smash through the Boost Blocks high up in the Crateria mountain. She will then need to destroy the Power Bomb Block to reach the Tank.

Super MetroidEdit

Major ItemsEdit


The Bombs are found near Samus Aran's Gunship. A Morph Ball tunnel is to the left of the door leading to the room with the Gunship. It leads into a vertical shaft with a door leading to a hallway. At the end of the hallway is a Red Blast Shield. In there is the Bomb Torizo feigning to be a Chozo Statue, carrying the bombs. Once the Bombs are collected, Samus must fight the Torizo to escape.

Energy TanksEdit

Energy Tank 1Edit

There is no obstacle standing in the way of achieving this Tank; Samus will run into it on her way to Brinstar's elevator.

Energy Tank 2Edit

On the left of Samus' Gunship is a bombable wall. Samus can either Bomb Jump to it, Shinespark diagonally left to it, or use the Screw Attack to get to it. Behind the wall is The Gauntlet, with many pillars of Bomb Blocks, and rising and falling Acid. In the second room, there is a Chozo Statue holding the Energy Tank.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

Once Samus has the Bombs, she can access this Tank. In the long vertical shaft above the ruined Tourian escape shaft are two doors on the left and the right. On the left is a tunnel with Bomb Blocks blocking the Tank.

Missile Tank 2Edit

While traveling to the Wrecked Ship, Samus will come across this Tank in the Interior Lake. The Grappling Beam can be used to get it, but a well timed jump or Shinespark can be used to get it without the Grapple Beam.

Missile Tank 3Edit

In the ruined Zebesian Command Center, bombing part of Mother Brain's former resting place will bring Samus below, to the Tank. A Power Bomb Tank is also located here in Metroid: Zero Mission.

Missile Tank 4Edit

At the top of the large, open area before the Wrecked Ship, this can only be attained after Phantoon's defeat. Samus must jump on the floating Trippers until she reaches the highest one, and then shoot part of the rock wall to reveal the Tank.

Missile Tank 5Edit

Also at the top of the Wrecked Ship entrance area, this Tank rests in a complex network of Morph Ball tunnels blocked by a Super Missile Block. Achieving it can lead Samus to accidentally fall down into the area below, forcing her to start over again.

Missile Tank 6Edit

Submerged in the water at the Wrecked Ship entrance area, this Tank is in the very bottom left corner, behind a wall.

Missile Tanks 7 and 8Edit

On the same path as Energy Tank 2. At the end of The Gauntlet Samus will reach what appears to be a dead-end room with purple decor. She must destroy the blocks in front of her, and then use the X-Ray Scope to reveal a trap. Four Pit Blocks in a row lead downward and force Samus to restart if she fails to achieve both Tanks. To get both, she must jump to the center of the middle blocks, and once she spots the Tanks below, shoot out both walls on the left and right to reach both Tanks.

Super Missile TankEdit

In the ruined Tourian escape shaft, the first small platform from the floor on the right wall is connected to a hidden tunnel. Destroying a Yellow Hatch, Samus will come to a chamber where four Boyons impede her way. They must all be frozen and turned into an even "floor". Building up a Shinespark, Samus must blast her way up a shaft down the corridor, to reach the Tank.

Power Bomb TankEdit

At the Landing Site, Samus must build a Shinespark, but this time blast diagonally right up, reaching a high ledge. Behind a Yellow Hatch is an acid-filled corridor containing the Tank. The area can also be reached via an Infinite Bomb Jump.

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