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A Crawlmine is, literally, a crawling mine. Made by the Space Pirates to emulate an insectoid, they are often found in large swarms. They were encountered on the G.F.S. Olympus and Norion when the Space Pirates attacked, as well as the Space Pirate Homeworld. Samus cannot lock on to them due to their small size. Their only means of attack is to detonate on contact with their target. Touching a lone Crawlmine will do very little damage to Samus, but despite this, a swarm will rapidly increase the damage and can become quite detrimental in terms of energy loss.

Crawlmines are often used to support the larger, more powerful mechanoids: the Crawltanks.


Logbook entryEdit



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Crawlmine
Mobile explosive drone. Detonates on contact.

Logbook entry

Crawlmines are not terribly bright and rely on suicide strikes as their main form of attack. They were designed to patrol small areas such as ventilation shafts and maintenance tunnels. Though relatively harmless alone, they can be dangerous in large numbers.

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