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! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

Boss cretaphid3
Samus faces off against Cretaphid v3.
Featured in Metroid Prime: Hunters
Location Celestial Archives
Vesper Defense Outpost
Attacks Various energy based attacks, variates between models.
Weakness Nodes when blue, core.
Reward(s) Octolith

Cretaphids are bosses that appear in Metroid Prime Hunters, and are the creations of the Alimbics, designed to guard Octoliths. Four different models appear in the game, each time with progressively more powerful weapons. However, they are all outwardly identical, each resembling a totem pole with red and blue nodes. The nodes are only vulnerable to damage when they are blue, and when all the nodes have been deactivated the core of the Cretaphid will appear. The Cretaphid core is the only true vulnerable point of any Cretaphid. It is arguably easier to defeat than its counterpart, the Slench.


Cretaphid v1Edit

Cretaphid v1 is the most basic version of the Cretaphids. It only shoots red lasers from its nodes. Every time it loses a third of its health, the laser nodes move downwards.

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Cretaphid v2Edit

Cretaphid v2 fires homing green plasma balls instead of lasers, the red nodes shortly switch color now.

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Cretaphid v3Edit

Cretaphid v3 fires red lasers and green plasma balls. Each node functions as only the generator of one type of weapon, the laser nodes are one level at a time and the other two levels are plasma nodes. The laser nodes move downward in the exact fashion of the Cretaphid v1. Oddly, due to a glitch in cretaphid v4, this model is more difficult to defeat than any other.

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Cretaphid v4Edit

Cretaphid v4 has attacks similar to v3, except it can move around the room and now shoots deadlier green lasers.

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  • If Samus fires a Missile at one of the green plasma balls a Cretaphid fires, the ball will freeze.
  • A glitch consistently occurs with the green orbs fired by Cretaphid v4: Instead of homing in on their target, they will almost always remain in one place until they eventually explode.


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