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A Cryosleep Tank is a stasis tank that is seen throughout the Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime. These units served an unknown purpose before being modified to house Elite Pirates in cryostasis. It would appear that they are not very strong, as Elites are perfectly capable of punching right through them to attack Samus when she comes near. The Phazon Elite's tank is re-enforced with Bendezium.

It is named in a scan in Dynamo Access.


"Cryosleep Tank. Unit CS-4468R. Unit modified for Elite Pirate storage."


  • There is a glitch in the original NTSC version of Metroid Prime known by fans as "Omega Pirate Sleeping", where if the cutscene prior to the battle with the Omega Pirate is skipped fast enough, the Omega will still appear to be in sleep mode, allowing Samus to destroy one of its Phazon Armor plates quickly.
  • The Cryosleep Tank in Omega Research is tipped over and broken. This is where it is referred to as a Cryopod.

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