Bottle Ship Residential Area

Cyclaws[1] are a variant of Skrees. These creatures seen only within the BOTTLE SHIP in Other M are black in color, but still possess the same physical structure. Their first attack is identical to that of an average Skree, however if the Cyclaws miss Samus with their initial dive-bomb attack, they will quickly stand on their feet and lunge in her direction in an attempt to grab onto her. If successful, they will cling to her until they detonate themselves a few seconds afterward, causing considerable damage. If they miss, they will keep repeating the second attack until killed.

Because the Cyclaws are only present in the artificially-constructed BOTTLE SHIP, it is possible that these creatures cannot be found in the wild and are actually the result of Galactic Federation scientists modifying Skrees to turn them into efficient bioweapons.


JP Other M Guide 156

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M

  • The Cyclaw shares similarity with the Metaree, such as being another stronger variation of the Skree and possibly an artificial bioform as well.
  • The body shape and coloring of the Cyclaw causes the creatures to resemble the "Cylon Raider" starfighters featured in the American television series Battlestar Galactica. However, it is unlikely that there is any true connection between them.


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