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Dan Awesome was a product tester and later backup coordinator at Nintendo of America from 1999-2011. He was a testing coordinator for the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Despite working at NOA, Awesome's credit only appears in the PAL version of the game, along with Ed Ridgeway's. Interestingly, Awesome has two LinkedIn profiles. The first one states that he has been working at Nintendo since 2008, having been hired "just after completing a project at Retro Studios in Austin TX." This project is likely the Trilogy, as he is not credited in any of the original releases of the Prime games. He had previously been an on-off product tester at Nintendo through Aerotek, a job placement agency. The second profile states that he left Nintendo in 2011, subsequently working at Google, Big Fish, Amazon and currently Tomorrow Today Labs. It is possible he forgot the login information for his old account. Both profiles are linked below, for reference.

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