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Dark Agon Wastes is the twisted version of the Agon Wastes, located on Dark Aether. Its atmosphere is the least poisonous, compared to Dark Torvus and the Ing Hive. However, many Ing and Inglets still thrive there. The area is saturated with Light Crystals and Light Beacons, so transversing without the Dark Suit is not difficult. It is also the location of the Guardian of the Space Jump Boots, the Jump Guardian. The Dark Temple's guardian is Amorbis.

Areas and Main RoomsEdit

Like its Light counterpart, this sector can be divided into two areas:

Open AreaEdit

This area, unlike the Light version, has very few enemies and very little sand.

Main RoomsEdit

Caverns AreaEdit

Like its Aether version, this area is mainly caverns. Unlike it, it has a lot of Phazon in some rooms, which interested the Space Pirates, leading them to construct their hideout in this area's Light counterpart.

Main RoomsEdit

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