"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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A Dark Pirate Aerotrooper was an unused enemy from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It may have been scrapped for being too similar to the light version.[1]

Unused Logbook entryEdit

Dark Pirate Aerotrooper

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark Aerotrooper
Darkling possessed airborne Pirates.
Symbiotic possession brings more strength and power. Target is susceptible to light-based attacks.

Logbook entry

The vicious Aerotroopers are easily possessed by darklings, who feed off of their cruel natures.
Dark Aerotroopers relish their speed and power, often losing themselves in the thrill of the hunt.
The added strength gained from possession makes them more confident and aggressive in battle, making an already difficult opponent that much harder to vanquish.

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