Watering Hole DAW-MP2

Watering Hole

Dark vapor is a noxious substance that is excreted by the Ingclaw on Dark Aether. It is a noticeable purple cloud of gas and is highly corrosive, on par with Dark Water and Ingstorm. This vapor is created from waste generated by atmospheric flotsam inhaled by the Ingclaw. The substance will drain Samus' energy with the Varia Suit much faster than the atmosphere will, and as such the vapor blocks Samus from certain areas. The Dark Suit protects against damage caused by the vapor. Dormant Ingclaws encountered later in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes do not excrete vapor.

Normally, the Abandoned Base is obstructed by dark vapor and thus not safely accessible by Samus. However, if a well-timed Ghetto Jump is performed, Samus can get to the Portal in the Base and thus skip the Agon Temple and Dark Suit.

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