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David Kirsch

David Kirsch, nicknamed Zoid, is an American video game programmer. His career began when he created Threewave CTF, a highly successful Capture The Flag mod for Quake. He was then hired by id to design this mode for subsequent Quake games. In 2000, Kirsch departed id and was senior engineer of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes alongside the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson at Retro Studios. He used to work in Valve.

Kirsch was working on Retro's Car Combat before it was canceled to free up development for Prime. Kirsch is said to be responsible for the data streaming when traveling from area to area in Prime, and for the Parasite Queen's shield.

Kirsch had built Super Metroid into Prime as an unlockable extra through connecting with Metroid Fusion, but he had used a third-party emulator to do it. Nintendo ordered the game's removal because of it, leading to the original Metroid being used instead, with a Nintendo emulator.[1]

The beta name of PFC P. Wills, D. Zoid, is likely named after Kirsch.

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