Deck Beta Transit Hall is a small hall in Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. It acts simply to connect two rooms, containing nothing of importance itself except for some scans that reveal Space Pirate activity on the frigate.

The room survived the Frigate's crash, and now contains some lichen and butterflies, but nothing else of importance.

Connecting roomsEdit

Crashed frigate corridor

The corridor post-crash, lichen has begun growing on the floor and wall surfaces, and lights are no longer operational.



"Ventilation covers may become superheated if airflow is restricted. Unusual thermal readings should be reported to the deck engineer on duty."
"Obstruction detected in reactor ventilation system. Engineering crew report to Freight Lift corridor immediately."
"Security codes on Auto Defense Turrets are changed every other lunar cycle. Using improper codes may result in turret activation."

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