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Leave it to me. Shouldn't be a problem to hack into this thing. I mean, it might tell us what exactly was going on here.

—James Pierce

James Pierce (ジェイムス・ピアース Jeimusu Piāsu?) was one of Adam Malkovich's 07th Platoon soldiers in Metroid: Other M.


James is the team's Communications Expert and has a scar above his left eye. Adam orders him to investigate the Control Bridge.

When the group reaches the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room and encounters a Brug underneath a deceased Lab Worker, Lyle Smithsonian kicks it and shoots it until James instructs him to stop.

As Adam orders everyone to regroup at the Exam Center of the Biosphere, James is the first one to arrive, even though Lyle was first sent to the area. When discovered by Samus, he is seen working underneath a computer. As Maurice Favreau repairs the damaged files on a computer, he asks James to hack it if he cannot bypass the security protocols, although James reassures Maurice that it will "take some time."

Afterwards, James' official status is clouded while he takes on a much more sinister role as a two-faced traitor, called "The Deleter" by Samus, stationed within Adam's platoon to undergo a series of plans and operations handed down to him by massive conspirators within the Galactic Federation. (see below).

James is found dead in the Bioweapon Research Center, with his visor broken. Though the exact nature of his demise is not revealed, the amount of damage taken to his armor and body, as well as the expression on his face, hints that his death was far more gruesome than that of his fellow soldiers.

The DeleterEdit

JP Other M Guide MB and Deleter

A page from the confidential section of the Japanese Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M, which directly identifies James Pierce as the Deleter.

How can I trust you when your troops are willing to kill each other?

A survivor

As Other M progresses, it is revealed that the 07th Platoon came with an assassin to kill all witnesses, and destroy all evidence linking the BOTTLE SHIP to the Galactic Federation, including his own team. Samus refers to this assassin as the Deleter.

While the game drops the subplot of the Deleter before it is solved, the Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M reveals that James Pierce was the Deleter. There is also overwhelming evidence in the game of his complicity.

First, James is the first to arrive at the Exam Center overlooking the virtual training grounds of the Biosphere, although Lyle had been sent there first, and is seen doing something underneath the computer. When Maurice analyzes it, it is discovered the CPU "self-destructed" and that they will need to reconstruct it. Later, Lyle's body is found and the building explodes. During the cutscene where the Deleter kicks a frozen soldier into lava, a faded "07" can be seen on his helmet; James has the same faded "07".[2] They also share a small device on their left forearms. Finally, The Deleter is seen moving towards the Bioweapon Research Center, making effort to keep Samus from following him; Samus later returns and discovers James' body in the same area in which the Deleter had confronted MB. James is the last member of the 07th Platoon to die, excluding Anthony Higgs and Adam.

Deleter shoots Maurice MB flashback Cryosphere

The Deleter shoots Maurice dead with his Freeze Gun.

The following is a list of known actions that James Pierce took as the Deleter, supported by cutscenes, processes of elimination, and plain evidence:

  • Arrived first in the research building, possibly causing the computer to self-destruct.
  • Destroyed the Exam Center to eliminate evidence linking the BOTTLE SHIP and the Galactic Federation.
  • Killed Maurice with his Freeze Gun at point blank range.
  • Attacked MB and Samus with the RB176 Ferrocrusher.
  • Killed K.G. Misawa with his Freeze Gun, and followed up by incinerating his body in a pool of lava. Due to the destruction of his body K.G. is listed as MIA by the Federation as they never found his body, which mistakenly causes some to suspect K.G. to be the Deleter.
  • Disabled communications between Adam Malkovich and Samus by shooting off Adam's comm earphone.
  • Led Samus from the Main Elevator to the Bioweapons Research Center.
  • Confronted MB in the Bioweapons Research Center once Samus left, thinking she was helpless, but ultimately underestimated her, which caused his death.
James Pierce CA

James concept art in Gallery Mode.

Even though most of his actions are definite and seen on-screen, there are many things hinted at, and only hinted at to happening off-screen. Because of his role as Communications Expert, the all-pervasive electronic interference may have been his own doing in order to keep his teammates from contacting others in times of need or informing others about who the assassin is. Because he would never have expected Samus Aran to join the team, it explains why her comm system still works (at least until he shot Adam's device off). It is known that the Deleter was sent to eliminate all evidence, including witnesses, of the BOTTLE SHIP's connection to the Galactic Federation. When James is first found in the Exam Center, he is seen working underneath a large mainframe by Samus. When accessed by Maurice, the memory had been fragmented. While this could have been James, it may have also been an automatic function in case of emergency. Instead, James may have been planting explosives from the start in order to wipe out his team in one fell swoop. Unfortunately for him, Samus had arrived early. Also, Samus speculates in her monologues that Madeline Bergman must have been the one who set the facility's system to self-destruct. This implies that James was not responsible for that; he was probably planting explosives when Samus first saw him under the system.

As Samus and the 07th Platoon were rushing to the site, they may have completely overlooked Lyle's body, the Demolitions Expert of the team. It would explain why Lyle, the first person sent to Sector 1, wasn't the first to arrive. James may have killed Lyle for his explosives, and tossed his body into the shrubbery so no one would immediately notice it. By coincidence, Little Birdie would find a snack and cover up James' work by turning Lyle's body into rags. Interestingly enough, when the rest of the 07th Platoon arrive in the Exam Center after Samus, James asks "Where's Lyle?" yet none of the members revealed who they were.

The guidebook confirms that James was ultimately killed by MB, an action the latter would be capable of due to her superhuman strength. Before Samus battles MB, she is seen holding a Freeze Gun, which she most likely took from James after killing him.

Official dataEdit

RB176 Ferrocrusher CA

Concept art for the RB176 Ferrocrusher, featuring the Deleter.


"James Pierce [Communications]
<Battle Code Number>
<Service Record>
Galactic Federation Acedemy,
Training Base #6
Federation Central Information Agency,
Intelligence Group 2
Galactic Federation, 07th Platoon
ID: 3721-07:74425"


"Investigating the BOTTLE SHIP under Adam's command after receiving the distress signal."
After Brug Mass
"Currently investigating the Control Bridge under Adam's command."
After King Kihunter
"Currently heading toward the Exam Center in Sector 1 under Adam's command."
After first Exam Center cutscene
"Currently investigating the Exam Center under Adam's command."
After Mystery Creature
"Currently investigating the BOTTLE SHIP interior under Adam's command."
After Rhedogian battle #2
"Currently heading toward the Geothermal Power Plant in Sector 3 under Adam's command."
After Main Elevator cutscene
"No information available. Details unknown."
After return to Bioweapon Research Center
"Discovered killed by something in the Bioweapon Research Center."


  • Interestingly, one of the Desbrachian pods is missing from the room where James' corpse is found. Due to MB's ability to control bioweapons with her psychic powers, it is possible she may have used the Desbrachian against James.
  • James has a scar on his left brow. This is more apparent in his concept art than in-game.
  • When disabling the communication link between Adam and Samus, a shell weapon is fired, although none of the 07th Platoon's handguns are ever unholstered on-screen. His handgun is fired again, off-screen, when the screen goes dark after confronting MB.
  • Samus once assumed that Anthony Higgs was the Deleter as he aimed his Plasma Gun at her in the Geothermal Power Plant, but Anthony yells at her to get out of the way, as he was actually aiming for Ridley. After the battle with Ridley, Samus was regretful for accusing Anthony of betraying her.
  • Even though K.G. Misawa was clearly incinerated (because of the other deceased soldiers' corpses being accounted for), many people, including Samus, may have been led to believe that he was the Deleter based on his MIA status on her personnel screen.
  • In the post-credits sequence, James's corpse is not present. It is possible that the Galactic Federation took his body, along with Maurice Favreau's and Lyle Smithsonian's bodies, to be given a proper burial.
  • James bears a strong similarity to Carter J. Burke from Aliens.



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