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Developer's Voice is a trailer for the Metroid Prime Trilogy, released in 2009 on the Nintendo Channel. It featured interviews with several Nintendo and Retro Studios staff about the Prime Series and the improvements made to the games in the Trilogy. The trailer is notable for offering a rare glimpse inside Retro Studios, featuring numerous Metroid memorabilia including posters (some of which were for Metroid: Zero Mission), the Samus Aran Bobblehead, First 4 Figures Samus Aran statues and a statue of Samus. The Brac Nebula is named in transition graphics, and Phaaze can be seen. Throughout the trailer, the Metroid Prime Trilogy theme plays. The trailer can be viewed here: [1]

Interviewees (in order of appearance)Edit

Tanabe and Tabata spoke Japanese in the video, with English subtitles provided.

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