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The Development Room is a feature of the Metroid Zero Mission Official Site. The background includes artwork of Samus Aran, Ridley, a Larva Metroid and a Zoomer. The Development Room includes a gallery of exclusive artwork, an FAQ with Yoshio Sakamoto, and a Super Technique page that demystifies elaborate Special Actions in Zero Mission.


Development Room

The gallery is separated into three tabs: Chozo relics, the Zero Suit, and Kraid and Ridley. The artwork is accompanied by notes, which have been unofficially translated into English by the Metroid Database.

Metroid FAQEdit

Development Room icon

Development Room site icon.

An FAQ by Yoshio Sakamoto answering fan questions about the Metroid universe mythology, including story elements such as how Samus activates her Power Suit. This was also translated by the Metroid Database in December 2009.

Super TechniqueEdit

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Information on the Kick Climb, Shinespark, Bomb Jump and Ballspark is provided here in videos.

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