Docking Bay 5 is a docking bay aboard the G.F.S. Olympus where Samus lands her gunship in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It contains a holographic weapons calibration system and two Training Drone dispensers. Shields activate around the pad after a ship lands for safety purposes, though they can be overloaded through short-circuiting. There is a hatch for deploying Stiletto-class fighters on a conveyor belt, a large bulkhead door leading to internal conveyor belts and Repair Bay A. There is also a doorway on the wall to the port side with a Blast Shield that closes over it during combat. There is a room above it, presumably a control room similar to the one above Docking Bay 4. The first boss of the game, the Berserker Lord, is faced here upon Samus' return. Its defeat triggers a shield failure as noted above. This is the very first room Samus visits on the Olympus and in the game.

Connecting roomsEdit


Berserker Lord1

Samus faces the Berserker Lord in the Docking Bay.


"This pad initiates the Training Drones the Federation Marines use for weapons training."
Cargo-bay doors
"Cargo bay-doors are closed and locked from this side. The nearby control terminal is offline."
Hand Scanner
"Control terminal operates the nearby cargo-bay doors. Control terminal is offline."
GF Heavy Cargo Truck
"GF Heavy Cargo Truck. Used to transport equipment and vehicles throughout the ship."
Stiletto-Class Fighter
"Stiletto-Class Fighter. The newest of GF fighters that is used throughout the fleet."


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