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A Door Jump is a glitch in the original Metroid game that allowed Samus to jump inside of doors and walls. It is commonly used to find Secret Worlds.[1] It is also used for Sequence Breaking; for example, the Ice Beam can be collected without the Bombs by using this glitch.[2]

A variation of the Door Jump is also featured in Super Metroid, where it is most useful for getting to Tourian without killing a single Space Pirate commander. It is also useful for avoiding the encounter with the Big Metroid and the fight with Mother Brain, though Samus still must escape Zebes.[1]

How to performEdit

You need ball form to perform this. Rapidly morphing in and out of ball form gives you a small lift off the ground.

A Door Jump is performed by doing the following steps:

  1. Open a door.
  2. Let the door close on Samus.
  3. Rapidly press the A button and down on the directional pad. Press down first then jump and to aid ascension. [3]
  4. Once above the door, jump a bit to gain some distance.
  5. Repeat Step 3.

If the player messes up while in the wall he/she will be stuck in the wall unless he/she dies or resets the game. If the player messes up while he/she is still in the door press left or right (which side the door is on doesn't matter) to get out.


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