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Dylan Cuthbert is a British-born video game developer based in Japan. Cuthbert began his career as a programmer at Argonaut Games when he was 17 years old, and was the main programmer of the original Star Fox, which was made possible through a partnership contract between Argonaut and Nintendo. He also developed Star Fox 2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was cancelled but was released in September 2017.[1] Cuthbert is credited under special thanks in Metroid II: Return of Samus. According to Cuthbert in 2017, he assisted with optimization and gave programming advice while he was working on X, also for the Game Boy.[2] He had previously answered a question about his work on Metroid II in a 2009 French interview, saying that he exchanged tips with the game's lead programmer, Takahiro Harada, about how to take advantage of the Game Boy's power.[3] In 2001, Cuthbert founded Q-Games, a development studio in Japan that works closely with both Nintendo and Sony.

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