Eject is a power-up present in the Blast Ball mode and story campaign mode of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. If acquired, the opposing team's players will be ejected from their Mechs, rendering them temporarily defenseless. Outside their Mechs, contestants in Blast Ball matches are unable to shoot back or defend their goal post until they re-enter their Mechs, enabling the other team to score goals more easily. The item is represented by a green arrow pointing up. There is no way to avoid an ejection once the power-up has been collected, unless a contestant has the Shield item.

As with the other power-ups, this is acquired by repeatedly shooting the ball, and picking it up. In M06: Infiltration, a Campaign mission, the Federation Force uses a similar mechanism to leave their Mechs, as they cannot infiltrate a weapon factory with them. This is done by interacting with panels outside the factory's entrance. After the command computer has been used to set off the facility's Self-Destruct System, the Force can get back into their Mechs to battle advancing Space Pirates.

There is a way to protect the goal if one team is about to be affected by the Eject item - by positioning themselves in front of their net, the Indigo or Gold team can block the other team from scoring goals until they can get back into their Mechs.


"Eject all members of the other team from their Mechs."

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