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Great Bridge better qual

"This scene was originally tagged 02_GreatBridge, from the Swampworld, in Metroid Prime Echoes. I created this scene to introduce this worlds style and theme to the Retro art team. Since lights and effects are added in the game engine, I had to render in Maya adding light, effects etc. I also used Photoshop to do a little comp and touch-up. I hope you like this rendered representation of one of the rooms from MP2."[1]

Elben Schafers is an artist at Retro Studios. He has made renders for Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat", Cliffside Airdock, the Defense Drone, Gel Refinery Site, Great Bridge, the Korakk Beast, the interior of a Leviathan, the Space Pirate Battleship, Spire and the Steamspider.


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