Elder Passage (Multiplayer)

Elder Passage is an outdoor area based on the Elder Passage room on Alinos in the story mode of Metroid Prime Hunters. It contains many sniper nests for Trace or other Imperialist wielding Bounty Hunters, and a passage-packed interior. It is an extension of High Ground.

Elder Passage is not a default stage, and 18 local matches must be played to unlock it.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Opposing hunters can be difficult to pick out in Elder Passage's open chamber. A way for Weavel to overcome this is for him to transform into his Alt-Form, the Halfturret, on a ledge, and fire. The direction in which it fires indicates the location of a hunter.


Noxus's Judicator is a great weapon to use in knocking hunters out of their cover due to the shots bouncing off walls. His freezing beam can stop hunters who try to make off with an Octolith.


By lobbing Magmaul shots from a ledge, Spire can clear the Node Rings, then claim them for his own.

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