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Kyratian Lethal Strike

Electrical Discharge Coils are a mechanism worn by Kyratians on their backs in Metroid: Other M. The three coils are orange and yellow in color and allow the creature to charge electricity for use in attacks. For example, it can shoot electric bolts, or grab onto Samus and channel damaging electrical energy into her Power Suit using its antennae. The antennae can be frozen temporarily with the Ice Beam, preventing their use until the Kyratian breaks free of the ice.

The Kyratian can also fly into the air and crash into the ground, or charge a large energy sphere while hovering before launching it at Samus. While charged with electricity, the Kyratian is impervious to Beam shots and physical contact with the Kyratian will cause damage. However, it can be forced out of this state by shooting a Missile at it. The Screw Attack can instantly kill the Kyratian, even when electrified. The electric state of the Kyratian can spell its doom even without Samus's interference. If a Kyratian falls or is knocked into water, its coils will rupture, killing the creature.

The coils resemble the Space Jump upgrade as it appears in the 2-D Metroid games.

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