Electromagnetic cradle arm

Samus targets the cable connecting one of the arms to the Bomb Component.

Electromagnetic cradle arms are Chozo-made devices used to hold objects. Two are seen holding up the First Bomb Component of the Theronian Bomb in the lower Turbine Chamber. The arms hold the component's transfer module in place and funnel nuclear energy into it, which is harmful if Samus comes in contact with it. The module impedes her path. To remove it, Samus must sever power cables connecting the arms to the component by shooting the connection points of the cables. The arms then retract and the module spike splits in half, allowing Samus to continue. The arms remain retracted on further visits, even after Samus removes the First Bomb Component.


Electromagnetic cradle arm
"Electromagnetic cradle arm is extended and energized. Sever power cables to retract."
"Electromagnetic cradle arm is retracted and powered down. Unit will remain in place."

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