The Emergency Evacuation Area (緊急避難エリア, Kinkyū Hinan Eria) is a room inside Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime that serves as an evacuation area for the Space Pirates, as there are several escape pods. Six hours prior to Samus' arrival, two Parasite Queens broke out of the containment area, one of which is seen in this room as a dead corpse. The room also contains a few Parasites feeding on dead Space Pirates and two dying Space Pirates that die with a few shots from the Power Beam.

Connecting RoomsEdit


"Morphology: Parasite
Interstellar vermin. Travel in swarms.
Indigenous to Tallon IV, a single Parasite is harmless to larger life-forms. However, they tend to travel in large groups, swarming over potential prey. Such swarms can be dangerous."
Orpheon screenshot 1

A dying Space Pirate

Injured Space Pirate
"Species >> Space Pirate.
Status >> Weak life signs detected. Imprints of large bite marks can be seen on the exoskeleton."


Escape Pod
"Escape pod entrance. The vessel has already been jettisoned. Evacuation occurred 6 hours prior to your arrival."
"The platform does not look like it can be activated from this room."
Phazon crate
"Biohazardous materials. Phazon Batch 0009.A*. Destination >> Deck Beta
Space Pirate corpse (1)
"Morphology: Space Pirate. Status >> Death caused by a severing of the spinal cord."
Space Pirate corpse (2)
"Morphology: Space Pirate. Status >> Death caused by a severe flame damage to exoskeleton."
Parasite Queen corpse
"Morphology: Unknown. Info >> High levels of radiation detected."
Parasite Queen mouth
"Analysis shows incredibly large muscle structures surrounding the jaw area. Fluid sacs containing acid are also detected."
Space Pirate corpse (3)
Morphology: Space Pirate. Status >> Death caused by acidic burns to body. Chemical type unknown."
Parasite Queen tail
"Tail section possesses a mouthlike orifice. Most likely used for birthing offspring."
Computer screen
"Escape Pod 3 >> Launched. Escape Pod 4 >> Launched. Escape Pod 7 >> launched."
Computer screen
"Escape Pod launch coordinates >> Tallon IV 110L.30L. Research Command Center."

*There are three other crates in the room with different numbers; 0142.A and 0073.A.


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