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Brug Mass

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An Emperor Brug is a creature that is so far only seen in Metroid: Other M. Its back is colored white like a cornea with a seemingly functional optical organ in the center, and its body is orange in color. During the events of Other M, an Emperor Brug was seen on the ceiling watching over 07th Platoon and Samus Aran. After Lyle killed a Brug, hundreds of them began crawling out of the walls, and grouped around the Emperor Brug to take the form of a Brug Mass with the Emperor Brug acting as the creature's eye. Samus was capable of either a Charge Beam shot, a Missile, or performing Overblasts on the boss, which allowed her to climb on the body of the Brug Mass, take aim and shoot a Charged Beam shot directly at the Emperor Brug, all which weakened the Mass.

After weakening the mass, the Emperor itself eventually popped out of the body and was vulnerable to Samus' fire. However, if Samus took too long to kill it, the Emperor would re-attach itself to the remaining Brugs and repeat the last phase of the boss battle. The Emperor Brug has its own health bar and is relatively easy to kill, taking heavy damage with uncharged Power Beam shots.

The Emperor Brug is similar to a creature native to Tallon IV called Oculus.

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