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The empty training room appears at the beginning of Metroid: Other M. Samus Aran awakens in the quarantine room next to this location after escaping Zebes' destruction. She is instructed by the Quarantine Officer to go next door, and is led in a training sequence by the Head Quarantine Officer. After the training she enters an amphitheatre-style meeting room to give her mission report.

Training sequenceEdit

The training sequence starts with Samus releasing Charge Beam fire at one, then two more holographic targets. Next, she is told to transform into her Morph Ball to drop some Bombs, before she is asked to unmorph and stand in the middle of the room. A hologram appears in the floor and Samus walks towards it, standing on it before it disappears and she falls into a chamber underneath the floor. To get back up, she is to Kick Climb. Once back up, the floor seals and the chamber cannot be entered again. The Head Quarantine Officer then opens concealed pits in the floor spawning some of Samus' "pals", a swarm of ten holographic Geemers. After Samus has killed all of them, the officer asks Samus to replenish her Missile supply with Concentration, and then says one of her "pesky buddies" is lurking around the room. Samus goes into Search View and finds the Zebes-Horogram hanging off the corner of a ceiling (which corner is generated randomly), and unleashes a Missile at it. Samus then engages the hologram with Lethal Strikes, Overblasts and Beam attacks (but not more Missiles as the hologram has "had enough of them") until it dies. A blast shield then covers the observation window and Samus is told to unleash a Power Bomb. She does so, and the officer concludes the training.

The officer then states that Samus is due to give a mission report on her mission to Zebes in Super Metroid in the meeting room. Before leaving, the officer tells her that he gave her suit a polish so she'd be "at least somewhat presentable". This is foreshadowing Project Metroid Warriors.

Connecting roomsEdit

Empty training room

Samus enters the room.


  • 10 Hologram Geemers
  • 1 Hologram Zebesian

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